Coil holder and roll holder

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What is it?

The roll holders or roll holders are suspensions or on legs to hold rolls or coils of cellulose with a built-in cutting system.

What is it for?

They allow to dispense the necessary amount of cellulose paper and keep the rest isolated in the case of the roll holders dry hands or suspended without touching any surface in the case of the porta coils of soil.

How is it used?

In the case of floor reel bobbins, we must insert the reel in the suspended bar so that the paper end is under the blade, which when pulled upwards will facilitate cutting. In the case of paper holders, we will open the lid and insert the roll inside closing the lid again after leaving the paper end facing out. In the case of hand dryers, we will remove the mandrel from the cellulose paper reel and extract the inner end towards the exit hole of the drying hand holder, so that the reel will be unwrapped internally and not externally as we usually do. do.

Who is it for?

Any company or sector that needs to have cellulose paper for hygiene on a larger scale than in domestic use.

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