Self-closing zip bags

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What is it?

They are transparent bags with grip or zip closure made of low density polyethylene (LPDE) and of different sizes and capacities, as well as white bands to write information or identify them and a small punched hole to be hung from hooks and exposed in stores if he wants it.

What is it for?

With self-closing bags or commonly called Zip or grip you can pack and store objects and liquids guaranteeing the tightness of the product. It is a bag to be able to contain the product and dispose of it or a part and be able to close it to contain the rest.

How is it used?

They are very easy to close, the Zip method works like a zipper that opens and closes.

Who is it for?

For companies that produce or market products with a need for sealing as food or others. Also very used today for traveling, since these are required at the airport controls to contain your personal hygiene products of less than 100 ml to be transported in the cabin of the plane.

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