Thermal adhesive label

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What is it?

They are paper labels that react to the heat darkening. To be printed by thermal printers without ribbon. Presented in coils of different sizes.

What is it for?

In every business it is necessary to identify the products, and the thermal printing adhesive labels play a fundamental role in this task, being able to print from bar codes to reference, their logo, etc. They are indicated to identify products in the short-medium term.

How is it used?

The label coil is placed in the thermal printer and the desired printing is started from a device connected to the printer. The labels are easily detached from the plastic of the coil and stick to the desired product.

Who is it for?

All types of businesses that need to identify products of short duration. These labels are not suitable for humidity, nor for exposures to the sun or heat use the anti-humidity in case the products are exposed to wet conditions.