Thermometers and hygrometers

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What is it?

We have different thermometers and hygrometers to record both internal and external temperature, as well as humidity.

What is it for?

To control the temperature of our fruits or any type of food, either refrigerated or hot, metal rod thermometers are used, which are inserted into the product and record the internal temperature. The thermometers can also be in the infrared version, that is without puncturing and without destroying the product, but only records the surface temperature. Another control needed in cold rooms is the control of humidity. It can be recorded independently of the temperature or by thermo-hygrometers, which measure the two indices that are really complementary and necessary both.

How is it used?

If they are with a punch, the punch is introduced into the food and the digital screen will give us the result of the temperature. In case of infrared function, shoot the infrared ray to the piece to know the surface temperature. Place the hygrometers in the places where we want to measure the humidity of the place.

Who is it for?

For chefs, food companies and fruit and vegetable chambers.