Polyethylene Foam Profiles

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What is it?

They are protections for corners or objects. There are different forms of polyethylene foam profiles according to the destination: in O for wrapping cylindrical products, in CM also for cylinder products but incorporating wings that allow it to be held and slid, in L to protect corners such as furniture, in U to protect the protruding or superior part of angular products. All formats are sold in 2 meter strips and can be cut with a cutter or similar if a smaller size is desired.

What is it for?

With the polyethylene foam profiles you can protect and wrap different loads and products against bumps and rubs during transport.

How is it used?

The object is inserted through the hole in the profile, or the shape to be protected is fitted with the inner part of the polyethylene foam profile.

Who is it for?

Very used in the wood industry.

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